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An Ever-changing Environment

By Zach Watson for The Island Eye News

A new degree is helping educators evolve.

The COVID-19 environment is forcing educators, students and specialists who train working professionals to re-evaluate their traditional methods of teaching.

 In a time when many are focused on alternative learning systems, The Citadel’s Zucker Family School of Education is now offering a new graduate degree to help P-12 and higher education teachers – as well as professional development experts in military, health care, corporate and community settings – address this dynamic educational environment with a focus on studentcentered education.

Graduates will be provided with theoretical and practical knowledge that’s essential to understanding instructional processes for varied learners in a range of settings. The master’s in instructional systems design and performance improvement, which was proposed pre-pandemic, will also help educators long after the COVID-19 environment ends by providing practical experiences in the development of learning tools and environments.

“The opportunity that this experience provides for educators – both in and out of schools – is really incalculable,” said Evan Ortlieb, Ph.D., dean of the Zucker Family School of Education. “In addition to the ways in which COVID has forced us to change how we think about education, rapidly-evolving technologies and research are offering new and improved ways to teach and learn. And that’s what this degree is really about – helping educators learn the best ways to harness new technology and information, mold it to fit specific needs and then deliver extra benefits to students.”

The program, which will be held 100% online, will teach educators how to build educational experiences and products both virtually and physically. Graduates will learn how to flexibly teach in new and dynamic ways, design courses, develop curriculums, create student guides, produce training materials and much more.

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