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An Avian Affair

By Rae Walberg for The Island Eye News

A flightless situation caused island workers, conservationists and electrical workers to flock together to help two baby birds find their way back to the nest.

On June 6, local real estate agent Andrea Rogers noticed that a baby green heron had fallen from a tree outside of the Agent Owned Realty office on Isle of Palms.

“The runt fell out of the nest and so of course I freaked and had to try to figure out how to save the baby bird,” Rogers squawked.

Rogers said she immediately called the Avian Clinic at The Center for Birds Prey. Within an hour, the Awendaw-based organization had taken the bird under its wing. After three days of rehabilitation, the Center teamed up with Berkeley Electric Cooperative to migrate the baby bird back to its nest, Rogers said – but not before a few more feathers were ruffled. According to Rogers, when the Berkeley Electric bucket truck approached the tree, it accidentally knocked a different baby heron out of the nest and onto the ground.

“This bird scooted to the fence. We hunted and hunted and hunted but we never could find the bird,” she said.

While Rogers said her coworkers and others who witnessed what had happened could not find the second baby bird, she said a representative of The Center for Birds of Prey told her the bird was large enough to find its way home.

“We watched for the whole day, and I could find three birds but never could find four and then the following day, miraculously, four birds back up in the nest in the tree,” Rogers chirped.

With four baby birds safe in their nest, Rogers said The Center for Birds of Prey decided to raise the original baby bird back at the clinic. Rogers said the community response was inspiring.

“It was heartwarming to see all the people coming together to help with innocent little birds,” Rogers crooned. “It was just a neat little event and what they do in that clinic in The Birds of Prey –  they are just awesome.”

Rogers said she was inspired by the avian affair to donate to The Center for Birds of Prey, and she encouraged others to do the same.

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