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Adobe Updater Has Been Hacked

By Bob Hooper, aka Rent a Bob

Well here we go again with a “virus” ready to jump on your computer and I hope this column helps stop the latest problem. If you get a “pop-up” on your computer that it is time to update Adobe DON’T do it. I know I have said to in the past, but the hackers have created a version that will download a virus, reset your home page to some weird search engine and install something like “SpeedMy PC” or some other name. It wants you to buy the service and if you do then you have more viruses to deal with.

So for now, do not update anything except Windows updates through a pop-up. For Adobe or Java, if a screen wants you to update, close it and go to Adobe or Java website and update directly from site. Make sure you uncheck to install Chrome and the same for Ask toolbar. Whatever, whoever has been able to do this hacking is targeting people locally, so please be aware. As always, if you have questions or just want to be sure you can contact me. If you are infected please call a professional for help. This sort of installation bypasses all types of virus protection including McAfee, Norton, MSE and many others.

On another note, with summer in full swing take care to watch out for the tourists as they wander around to and fro. They mean well but seem to walk right in front of cars and us. Plus be very careful with that iPhone or Android, we are used to setting them down and going to the bathroom in our favorite establishment, but with strangers around it might walk away.

Look forward to some good questions and helping you out. If you need immediate assistance you can always call Rent A Bob at 822-7794 or email at

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