Nov 06 2019

Across The Country By The Numbers

By Laura Fogarty, Managing Editor for Island Eye News 

(Photo by Seth and Carol Rice)

For IOP residents Seth and Carol Rice, this summer brought the trip of a lifetime to celebrate 30 years of marriage. The Rices were kind enough to share with Island Eye their adventure and the numbers that brought them across the country: 

10,400 – number of miles covered in their 50 square feet of living/sleeping/storage space in their teardrop camper named “Sylvia.”

57 – number of days on the road crossing off bucket list items, including:  Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Return to Grand Teton National Park where they met in 1985, and Tofino, British Columbia (highly recommended by daughters Annie and Jane). 

45 – number of bags of ice. Yeti coolers are impressive, but still need to be fed. 

24 – number of different state, national, and private campgrounds. 

22 – number of states. The biggest surprise from these states came in Kentucky, with a stay in beautiful Cumberland Falls that included live Bluegrass music and  “all you can eat fried chicken for $9.99.”

16 – number of hours driving on the longest day, through Alberta, Canada. Alberta won not only the longest but also craziest day on the road with “Caution Caribou” signs marking the way. 

13 – number of mountain passes, 5 of which were done in 1 day.

5 – number of minutes one gets in a campground shower for $2. 

4 – number of hotels; some planned, some not so planned.

3 – number of Poptart boxes purchased and consumed as the highway breakfast of choice. 

2 – number of years of planning, preparing, mapping, and making reservations, including a reservation in the Rices’ farthest point west in Tofino, Vancouver Island, which they both describe as “magical.” 

1 – number of McDonald’s stops, on the “worst day of the trip – Iowa.” 

0 – number of arguments.

Anyone who knows Seth and Carol, knows this fact to be true, although they do still disagree over who called whom when they met over three decades ago as camp counselors. Returning to the Isle of Palms, reaffirms, Carol says, “There’s no place like home.  How lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place.” Happy 30th Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Rice. Cheers to 30 more.

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