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“Our Town” comes to our town

Actors rehearse for Our Town at the IOP Recreation Center. PHOTO BY: Daniel Prentice

Actors rehearse for Our Town at the IOP Recreation Center. PHOTO BY: Daniel Prentice

The set is simple. A few chairs, some tables, a ladder or two, and a blank slate background. As the play opens, the stage manager quietly walks out onto the stage and arranges a few pieces of furniture before informing the audience that they are in the town of Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire, just before dawn on May 7, 1901.

When Thornton Wilder wrote “Our Town” in 1937, his focus was less on storytelling and more on the portrayal of the human experience. The set reflects this through the lack of scenery; the audience is encouraged to both use their imagination and focus their attention on the character at hand instead of the surroundings.

For Crab Pot Players Director Jimmy Ward, this play is an excellent opportunity to showcase the talents of local actors, as well as to perform one of his favorite great American classics.

“Although it is a period piece, the messages contained in the play are still relevant today,” said Ward. “I am fortunate to be working with a talented cast and dedicated crew, and we are having a great time!”

Caitlin Armstrong, the Stage Manager in “Our Town”, is excited about her prominent role in the play. “I’m sort of this omniscient, transcendent narrator,” Caitlin said, attempting to describe her unique character. “At the start of the play I feel people can relate to me and I’m as comfortable as an old shoe, but opinionated. As the play progresses, I move into some sort of other-worldly character. Usually men play the Stage Manager, but a female is not out of place because it almost seems wrong to tie this character to a gender.”

Rehearsing two hours a day, four days a week has been tough for some of the actors, but they are all excited and feel that they are part of a great team. “Jimmy Ward is brilliant, dedicated and innovated. I have the utmost respect for him, but he has the worst jokes,” laughed Caitlin. “Throw all that into one big Crabpot and you’ve got a winner.:

Ward thanked the Recreation Center staff and particularly Norma Jean Page for their help in making the production come alive. “I urge everyone to buy their tickets to the show as soon as possible, as our last production sold out far in advance,” Ward noted.

“Our Town” will be performed at the Isle of Palms Recreation Center December 9-12, at 7pm. Tickets are $5 and children under 6 are free. Call 886-8294 for tickets.

Cast members include:

Stage Manager, Caitlyn Armstrong; Dr. Gibbs, Justin Henline; Joe Crowelll, Logan Mitchell; Howie Newsome, Sara Albertson; Mrs. Gibbs, Athena Mason; Mrs. Webb, Jenny Mason; George Gibbs, John Mark Shannon; Rebecca Gibbs, Jaclyn Paciaroni; Wally Webb, Johnson Smith; Emily Webb, Rachel McIntyre; Professor Willard, Julie Anne Brand; Constable Warren, Justin Henline; Sam Craig, Matt Allen; Joe Stoddard, Brent Ray; Simon Stimson, Ricky Chitwood; Si Crowell, Clayton Johnson; Mrs. Soams, Cathy Kennedy; Assistant Stage Manager, Sara Horton.

People in the balcony: Holly Walsh, Mackenzie Horne, Jordan Mitchell

Chorus: Abby Edwards, Davis Caldwell, Ethan Caldwell, Ally MacDonald, Allie Fennell

School kids: Natalie Davidson, Maddy Davidson, Lauren Bianco, Kelsey Bianco, Jane Rice, Hazel Kral, Gillian Armstrong, Elizabeth Brakefield, Brittany MacDonald, Aspen Nestler

People of the Town: Josh Burrill, Alannah Burrill, Sarah Burrill, Lauren Ruddy, Kate Albertson

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