May 26 2015

Windows 10 Is Closer Than You Think

By Bob Hooper for Island Eye News


A few columns back I wrote a short paragraph about Windows 10 and it coming out later this year, well it seems the date may be more like the middle of the summer. Unless of course Microsoft changes its mind and slips the date, back but for now the mid summer timeframe looks good.

Windows 10 also seems committed to bringing back the “start” button which disappeared with Windows 8/8.1. This is a major improvement in that even though other things change you still have the desktop and recognizable way to navigate around your computer. Lots of under the hood changes are for the good mostly, and a real major change in the way you access the Internet is in the works.

Internet Explorer 11 (and earlier versions) is going away and the new browser from Microsoft is tentatively called “Edge.” It will load faster as Chrome and Firefox do, supposedly fixes all the inherent bugs and does things differently from IE11. One thing that I guess was a given is that it predicts what you want through Bing, similar to how the Google search engine does now. Having not seen it yet I am not sure if you can replace Bing with Google or some other search engine to do the predicting. Edge will also allow you to mark up a webpage and send a link to someone with that markup, have a reading pane like Safari’s and the ability to interface with Cortana.

What, you ask, is Cortana? It’s Window 10’s new (well it’s been around on Windows phones) Personal Digital Assistant, like Siri for iPhones, but better Microsoft says. Cortana can provide recipes and dietary information, automatically follow parcel tracking information you’ve been emailed, and monitor flights and other travel methods. Sounds wonderful but with anything nowadays this sort of help comes with a loss of privacy, just be aware of it. Just like allowing your phone to know where you are thru GPS for maps and locations of nearby shops, allowing Cortana to know your location can help to track that parcel right to you.

So if you have a Windows 7/8 or 8.1 computer (laptop or desktop) soon you will able to upgrade to 10 for free. But I would caution to wait a couple of months to see how it goes.

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