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Aug 30 2018

Why Our Leatherback Eggs Did Not Hatch

By Mary Pringle for The Island Eye News Photos by Barb Bergwerf Many people have asked how the Leatherback nest laid in Wild Dunes did. Unfortunately the inventory conducted on August 10 when it was 73 days old and overdue showed that none of the 95 large eggs showed any sign of embryonic development. While …

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Sep 09 2017

Op-Ed: Why I Voted Against The Base Load Review Act

By Senator Chip Campsen for Island Eye News As a freshman senator I voted against the now infamous Base Load Review Act (BLRA) and urged my colleagues to do likewise. Unfortunately it wasn’t so infamous back then. I lost by a vote of 21 to 1 in the April 3, 2007, Senate Judiciary Committee meeting. …

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Jul 23 2016

10 Reasons Why Brexit Isn’t Worrisome

By Jason M. Mengel for Island Eye News Emotions can only weigh on asset prices for so long. Contrarian investing is so difficult because it requires one to love what others hate and to exhibit tremendous patience during volatile times. Success is achieved by looking past the headlines and focusing more on the facts, alternative opinions …

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Mar 04 2015

Why You Should Always Choose Manual Install

By Bob Hooper for Island Eye News When downloading a program or installing from a disc you have bought, make sure you do the “Manual” or “Advanced” install and look for any unwanted additions the program may be trying to put on your computer. Companies have found that they can do what hackers are doing, …

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Dec 25 2014

Collecting Stories, One Memory At A Time

By Delores Schweitzer for Island Eye News “Since I joined the Monday Memoirs Group, I’m remembering how much I love writing. Even if you’re shy, taking a risk in a few words to share a memory or a fear is easier when you are doing it with a small group. I’ve enjoyed laughing at myself, …

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Nov 06 2014

Kaynard, O’Neil Step Up For Mayor

By Jennifer Tuohy, Island Eye News Editor The election to decide who will fill Mayor Mike Perkis’s unexpired term will be held Jan. 6, 2015. As of press time, Monday, Nov. 3, two residents have stepped up to offer their service to the town, current councilmembers Jerry Kaynard and Patrick O’Neil. The deadline to file …

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Jun 11 2014

Letter To The Editor: Council Cannot See The Woods For The Trees

  The last Sullivan’s Island Town Council meeting on May 19 was a textbook example of self – interest, political doubletalk, and incredible shortsightedness. After three years of investigation, research, on-site study and debate, taking into consideration the diverse opinions of all of the residents of Sullivan’s Island, the Sullivan’s Island LUNR (Land Use and …

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Aug 03 2012

Letter To The Editor: Facts

Dear Editor: It was an interesting letter last week from some of the Sullivan’s Island Councilpersons (July 20, “True Facts About the New SI School”). How admirable to, as they said, get out clarifications so readers “can make up their own minds” based on facts. We all now know Mr. Graham will see his Freedom …

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