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Nov 15 2018

Letter To The Editor: Town Council Likes Winner Take All

For years Sullivan’s Island Town Council has vigorously defended the accreted land including their latest “success” at the State Supreme Court regarding the Town’s right to control the land. Now that it has clarified that the Town controls the land, how about leading with compassion instead of continuing to drive conflict and complexity? There should …

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Nov 09 2018

Sullivan’s Island Churches And The National Park Service To Commemorate The Armistice That Ended World War I

By Paula Ogden Muse for Island Eye News On Sunday, November 11, 2018 activities will be held on Sullivan’s Island to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the end of World War I. At the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month of 1918, an armistice was signed in Compiegne, France to bring …

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Nov 03 2018

Letter To The Editor: Joe Cunningham For Congress

TO THE EDITOR: As we approach the election of our next Representative to the US Congress, it is important that the candidates understand the job for which they are applying. During her primary campaign, Ms. Arrington stated in a debate how she sees the role of our next Representative: “Our job is to support our …

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Oct 26 2018

Sullivan’s Island Town Council Meeting: October 16, 2018

By Gregg Bragg, Island Eye News Staff Writer Calling attendance at the Oct. 16 Council meeting for the Town of Sullivan’s Island (TOSI) “robust” is probably an understatement. Residents streamed into council chambers well in advance of the scheduled start time, and standing room was the only option by the time the gavel fell at …

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Oct 25 2018

Sullivan’s Island Mayor’s Message: October 2018

Dear Island Neighbors, I hope you are enjoying the fall changes that we enjoy in our special place, which may not include spectacular tree colors, but certainly feature the clearest light we get all year, the marsh grass going golden in that light, and hopefully some cool, dry days. And as we are in late …

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Oct 18 2018

Letter To The Editor: Transition Zones And Lessons From Florence

Dear Editor,  All citizens on SI have a vested interest in the outcomes of discussion of the management of the so-called Transition Zones and should let their Council Representatives know their concerns. This Zone space was arbitrarily constructed in an effort to provide some residents with better views of the ocean and to mitigate some …

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Oct 17 2018

Letter To The Editor: Maintain Natural Buffers

Dear Lucky Dogs aka residents of Sullivan’s Island,  FEMA flood maps are the sine qua non for every Sullivan’s Islanders life and now we can also add wax myrtles, trees and other maritime habitat in the accreted land to the list. We pay our flood insurance never realizing that our rates are tied to what …

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Oct 11 2018

Sullivan’s Island Town Council Meeting: September 25, 2018

By Gregg Bragg, Island Eye News Staff Writer The pledge was recited and prayers were offered to open the Sept. 25 meeting of the Town of Sullivan’s Island Town Council (TOSI). Credit/blame goes to Hurricane Florence for a week’s delay holding this month’s gathering, normally scheduled for the third Tuesday each month. The meeting was …

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Sep 27 2018

Sullivan’s Island Mayor’s Message: September 2018

Dear Island Neighbors,  I am grateful to be able to report what you already know: that the Island’s loudest wind from slow-moving, indecisive, ill-tempered Hurricane Florence was the sound of our collective sigh of relief when we were spared. Needless to say, no celebrations were in order, given the magnitude of destruction and displacement suffered …

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Sep 14 2018

Isle Of Palms City Council Meeting: August 28, 2018

By Emma Woodham, Island Eye News Staff Writer Prior to Isle of Palms City Council’s regularly scheduled meeting, a public hearing was held for Ordinance 2018-13, which relates to a new definition for impervious material. Only one island resident spoke about the proposed ordinance, and it was passed unanimously. Following the conclusion of the hearing, …

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