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Apr 10 2019

Sullivan’s Island Mayor’s Message: April 2019

Dear Island Neighbors, Happy Spring! Or something. From the hot days we had this “winter” (remember New Year’s Day?) and the chilly days last week after the vernal equinox signaled the alleged onset of “spring”, I think our new reality may be seasons with mood swings and commitment issues. But regardless of whatever climatological hand …

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Apr 02 2019

Street Cars On Sullivan’s Island

By Susan Middaugh for The Island Eye News Do you know why the cross-streets on Sullivan’s Island are numbered “Stations”? Have you noticed that our Station numbers start with Station 9? What happened to Stations 1-8? Come hear historian Nic Butler, PhD explain it all, and more, on Thursday, April 18, 6–7 p.m., at the …

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Mar 29 2019

Sullivan’s Island Town Council Meeting: March 19, 2019

By Gregg Bragg, The Island Eye News Staff Writer The Sullivan’s Island Town Council seems to have found the key to citizen engagement; celebrate the contributions of concerned residents. Town Hall was stacked to the rafters for the third consecutive month at the March 19 meeting. Mayor O’Neil’s act of turning to a proclamation in …

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Mar 15 2019

Sullivan’s Island Mayors Message: March 2019

Dear Island Neighbors, A variety of items for you again this month. PATRICK’S DAY CELEBRATIONS, THE DAY BEFORE ST. PATRICK’S DAY  Speaking purely objectively, the commemoration of good St. Patrick is devoted to such a worthy saint with such a beautiful name that the Island will be celebrating it a day early this year. There …

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Mar 13 2019

Sullivan’s Island 2019 Election

Staff Report for The Island Eye News Sullivan’s Island City Council election will be held on Tuesday, May 7. The election for 3 seats serving 4-year terms pits 3 incumbents, Mark Howard, Rita Langley and Bachman Smith against newcomers Greg Hammond and Kaye Smith. The Island Eye will ask six questions of each candidate. The …

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Mar 01 2019

Sullivans Island Elementary School Students’ Species Project

By Deborah Palmer Santos for The Island Eye News Students had to identify the different classes of vertebrates. After conducting research to determine the features and characteristics of those animals, they then were tasked with creating a new species. Along with naming their new animal, students also had to identify its class and provide information …

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Feb 27 2019

Sullivan’s Island Town Council Meeting: February 19, 2019

By Gregg Bragg, The Island Eye News Staff Writer Council chambers were filling fast in the run up to the Feb. 19 meeting of the Town of Sullivan’s Island Council. Handshakes and hugs cascaded through several clutches of residents, and the din of celebratory conversations overwhelmed the ears. Mayor Patrick O’Neil had to use his …

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Feb 19 2019

Sullivan’s Island Oyster Roast

Photos by Penny Lanigan 

Feb 14 2019

Sullivan’s Island Mayor’s Message: February 2019

Dear Island Neighbors,  A variety of items for you this month… RUNNING IN HIGH GEAR AND HEAVY GEAR Those of you who ran in the Charlie Post Road Race last month, or who watched the runners, may have seen one participant who was definitely not dressed for speed. Our Fire Department’s Battalion Chief Amanda Hawver …

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Feb 08 2019

Sullivan’s Island Resident Gives $4 Million

By Delta State University for The Island Eye News Delta State University recently received a gift of $4 million from a charitable educational trust created by Dr. Fred Pittman in 1993. The trustees of the Pittman Educational Trust unanimously approved the distribution of the $4 million to Delta State upon the recommendation of Dr. Pittman, …

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