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Aug 31 2018

Beachfront Management Reform Put Into Action

By Mimi Wood, The Island Eye News Staff Writer Literally, a line in the sand. Actually two lines; jurisdictional lines, designed to preserve the beach and dune systems, while still maintaining land rights for coastal property owners. That’s the crux of the Beachfront Management Reform Act, signed into law by Governor Henry McMaster under a …

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Nov 30 2017

Letter To The Editor: Fair And Equal Treatment

Dear Editor, The Island Eye News did an outstanding job covering the public meetings concerning the candidates and the marina referendum on IOP. Also, the two issues with questions and answers “In their own words” were informative and helpful to the voters. So the Oct. 27 final edition before the election Letters to the Editor …

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Sep 22 2017

Letter To The Editor: Is A Bigger Exercise Room Cost Effective?

Dear Editor, Responding to Mr. Kingfish’s recent letter, an enlarged exercise room would be a nice extravagance. With a debt and upkeep cost of over $4,000 a month, to make it cost negative to over 1000 tax payers we could sell 40 memberships at $100 monthly. We now have 8 machines with 8 to 10 …

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Aug 11 2017

Letter To The Editor: Isle Of Palms Beach Chair Company

Dear Editor, As owners of Isle of Palms Beach Chair Company, we wish to respond to last week’s Letter to the Editor written by John McMaster. To answer his question, nobody gave us permission to store our equipment in the dunes. It has never been and will never be company policy to do so. If …

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Jul 28 2017

Letter To The Editor: McMaster

Dear Editor I would like to know who gave the Isle of Palms Beach Chair Co permission to overnight their equipment in the dunes. I feel a responsibility to protect and wish city government and city council felt the same. On another matter its time to give whoever empties trash barrels another raise because the …

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Apr 08 2013

Letter To The Editor: McMaster

Dear Editor, I was surprised that you would print such a vitriolic letter as the one sent by Diane Oltorik.  She had no problem with cronyism when she was appointed to the Planning Commission to replace someone who had qualifications and experience, neither of which she possessed. Mrs. Oltorik keeps saying that the Isle of …

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Sep 14 2012

Letter To The Editor: IOP Police

Dear Editor, The IOP Police Department has instigated a new program called “Meet and Greet,” done in small neighborhood increments to facilitate meeting our neighbors and our police force. An officer, along with a short explanation and a smile, delivered the invitations to each house personally. Our neighborhood was the first. It was an interesting …

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