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May 09 2019

Sullivan’s Island Mayor’s Message: May 2019

Dear Island Neighbors, Welcome to our Spring Fever Edition! You don’t have to look far or long to see that our busy season here on the Island is already upon us. Remember when Memorial Day was the clear start and Labor Day the clear finish of the busy season, and the rest of the year …

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Apr 17 2019

Mayors Convene Against Offshore Drilling

By Gregg Bragg, The Island Eye News Staff Writer Congressman Joe Cunningham (SC1) won his seat last November despite running in a district drawn to favor his opponent by approximately 13%. He campaigned on opposing offshore drilling and seismic testing; a fulcrum issue in his coastal district. He announced decisive action to keep that promise, …

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Mar 28 2019

Isle Of Palms Mayor’s Message: April 2019

  The flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining, and the beach will be the place to be this summer! We have been busy implementing our capital improvement projects and planning for our future.  Improving drainage infrastructure on the island continues to be one of our top priorities. Thomas & Hutton is designing several …

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Mar 15 2019

Sullivan’s Island Mayors Message: March 2019

Dear Island Neighbors, A variety of items for you again this month. PATRICK’S DAY CELEBRATIONS, THE DAY BEFORE ST. PATRICK’S DAY  Speaking purely objectively, the commemoration of good St. Patrick is devoted to such a worthy saint with such a beautiful name that the Island will be celebrating it a day early this year. There …

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Feb 27 2019

Coastal Mayors Convene In Isle Of Palms

By Gregg Bragg, The Island Eye News Staff Writer Dr. Nicole Elko did her undergraduate work at Penn State, and earned both a Masters and a PhD in coastal geology from the University of South Florida. She felt there was a void she could fill in shaping SC’s beach management policy, so she established the …

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Jan 31 2019

Isle Of Palms Mayor’s Message: February 2019

I hope and wish that everyone had a great holiday season and brought in 2019 with optimism. The Isle of Palms started 2018 with a new Council that is aware of our challenges and remains committed to forward thinking. The City has begun working on the FY20 budget process earlier than ever. The Ways and …

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Jan 17 2019

Sullivan’s Island Mayor’s Message: January 2019

Dear Island Neighbors, I hope you enjoyed the holiday season and are having a healthy and happy new year. Here’s to a great 2019 for all with a complete absence of hurricanes and flooding! 36TH ANNUAL CHARLIE POST ROAD RACE For those of you trying to get or stay more active in the new year, …

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Dec 20 2018

Sullivan’s Island Mayor’s Message: December 2018

Dear Island Neighbors,  I hope your holiday season is proving to be happy, enjoyable and at some point, restful. NEITHER SNOW NOR RAIN NOR HEAT…BUT RETIREMENT, THAT’S DIFFERENT Those of us who live on the Western (harbor) half of the island have been the beneficiaries of a very devoted mail carrier for 25 years. Kathy …

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Dec 07 2018

Isle Of Palms Mayor’s Message: December 2018

It is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the season of celebrations and the season of giving. The City experienced unprecedented tidal flooding Thanksgiving holiday weekend due to a combination of a king tide, a nor’easter and a full moon. Unfortunately, the experts say that tidal flooding will happen more frequently due to …

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Nov 21 2018

Sullivan’s Island Mayors Message: November 2018

Dear Island Neighbors, I hope you and your family are having a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We certainly have much to be thankful for on the island, every year, and this year in particular. Recently I wound up a business trip for my day job and as so often happens, I had a number of casual …

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