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Sep 12 2018

Democrat Joe Cunningham Gains Local Support

By Gregg Bragg, Island Eye News Sr. Staff Writer Joe Cunningham is on the ballot for South Carolina’s first congressional district (SC-1). He says; “We need common sense, not chaos. We have to put people over politics, and country before party.” Cunningham prefers making himself available in person, and has been busy with “Meet & …

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Sep 12 2016

You Won’t Hit Home Runs Every Day

By Jason M. Mengel for Island Eye News  I recently read a rather intriguing report on the history of equity returns published by Michael Cembalest, chairman of market and investment strategy at J.P. Morgan. He conducted an extensive analysis on the Russell 3000 index to determine the frequency of catastrophic losses. The Russell 3000 Index …

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Jan 30 2013

The Fiscal Cliff

By Jason M. Mengel, CFP Following numerous requests, this article summarizes the tax related measures which resulted from the eleventh hour Fiscal Cliff agreement. These new laws are detailed in Senate Amendment to H.R. 8 and are collectively called The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. Two New Taxes for 2013 Two new taxes went …

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