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Sep 04 2018

Flying High

By Mimi Wood, The Island Eye News Staff Writer Photos by Laura Togami Two years of pole vaulting; fourth in the nation in his age group. Not bad for Jonathan Togami, third-generation Sullivan’s Islander. Not bad at all, except Hannah, his little sister, can one-up him. She can’t quite beat his personal best of 14’ …

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Aug 28 2018

Flying Free For A Cause

By Mimi Wood, The Island Eye News Staff Writer “I am mortified to admit this,” grimaces Michael Fiem, “but the first year we ‘flew’ kids for Camp Happy Days, we were paid.” He explains, “We had no idea what we were hired for.” Fiem, along with his Tidalwave Watersports partners Mark Fiem and Michael Malley, …

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Mar 06 2014

A Fusion Of Favorite Operas And Musicals

By Michelle Whitbeck for The Island Eye News Operas and musicals are similar and are often confused for one another. Both genres seek to combine words, music, acting and drama in dynamic ways. The difference, however, is that with opera, music is the driving force; whereas, in musical theater, words come first. The Charleston Men’s …

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Nov 07 2013

Travelling With Pets

By Katherine Saenger for the Island Eye News According to a survey of pet owners by the American Animal Hospital Association, more than 53 percent of dogs and cats will travel with their owners. With the upcoming busy travel season, let’s talk about some of the best ways of traveling with your best friend. Of …

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Apr 15 2011

Aimed at the horizon

By Blake Bunch In order to get just a taste of what it’s like to zip through the skies like the impressive Thunderbird pilots at the recent Charleston Air Expo on April 9, I recently took to the air with a member of the Charleston Aero Club in a single-engine Cessna. While it was only …

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