Jul 10 2014

Sullivan’s Island Police Report: May 2014


05/02/14 – A complainant reported that her juvenile daughter was hosting an underage drinking party at her ex-husband’s residence. The officer arrived and spoke with the complainant who had several juveniles in her vehicle and had already contacted their parents, the complainant stated that several subjects took off running but the officer could not located them. The area was checked for other juveniles with negative results.

05/03/14 – A vehicle was stopped for a traffic violation, while conducting the stop it was learned that the subject did not have a driver’s license; the driver was cited, the vehicle was towed and the subject was released at the scene.

05/03/14 – A complainant reported that someone entered his unsecured vehicle and removed several items.

05/04/14 – A complainant reported that he and his neighbor had gotten in a dispute about the property line and the neighbor had pushed him, the neighbor was located and stated that the complainant pushed him with a stick. Neither party wished to pursue charges.

05/04/14 – A complainant reported that someone entered his unsecured vehicle and removed several items

05/07/14 – Officers responded to a report of a verbal domestic violence incident, on arrival the officers learned that the female party and her husband were in a verbal argument in reference to him leaving the residence. On the officers arrival the husband had left the residence.

05/08/14 – A complainant reported that someone had broken her taillight and mirror on her vehicle while it was legally parked.

05/08/14 – Officers responded to domestic dispute between a stepmother and grandmother about the children, the stepmother was claiming that the grandmother had assaulted her. The stepmother was advised of her legal recourses.

05/09/14 – A complainant reported that she had left her phone on the table at Poe’s and when she returned to the restaurant the phone was missing.

05/11/14 – A complainant reported that someone removed his golf cart and charger from his driveway while he was away from his residence.

05/13/14 – While on patrol an officer located a suspicious vehicle parked with the window down, the officer checked the vehicle and observed an open bottle of vodka on the seat. While checking the vehicle the owner returned who appeared to be intoxicated, the officer cited the owner for several violation of registration and tax violation and had the owner picked up by a cab. The vehicle was towed.

05/14/14 – An officer observed three subjects sitting in a vehicle, the officer approached the vehicle and could smell burning marijuana. The officer spoke to the subjects and the driver turned over marijuana that she was in possession of. The driver was cited, the vehicle and the subject were released to a capable driver.

05/18/14 – The manager at the Sand Dunes Club reported that someone had damaged the tables on the side of the building.

05/22/14 – Officer responded to report of a vehicle in the ditch, when the officer arrived he observed a female trying to back the vehicle out of the ditch. During the investigation it was determined that the subject was unable to drive; she was arrested and lodged into the county jail.

05/23/14 – An officer located a vehicle parked at the Sta. 26 boat landing, as he approached the vehicle he observed drug paraphernalia inside the vehicle, while speaking to the driver he admitted to having marijuana inside the vehicle. The marijuana was retrieved and the driver was cited and released.

05/24/14 – A subject was located sleeping in a vehicle on Star of the West, while checking the subject it was learned that the subject’s driver’s license was suspended, the vehicle was towed and a taxi was call for the subject.

05/25/14 – A vehicle was located at Sta. 22 and Jasper Blvd. parked in the roadway, to maintain traffic flow the vehicle was towed.

05/25/14 – A complainant reported that someone entered her unsecured vehicle and removed her purse containing several items.

05/26/14 – A vehicle was observed parked in the yard of a Special Patrol Request location, as the officer approach the vehicle the officer observed an open container and marijuana inside the vehicle. The subject was cited and released to a sober driver.

05/30/14 – While on patrol and officer observed two subjects working at a construction site after hours, in checking into the situation it was learned that neither subject had a driver’s license but had a company truck at the site. The owner of the company was summoned to the site and he was cited for the violation and the vehicle was towed.


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