Apr 01 2015

Sullivan’s Island Police Report: January And February 2015


01/03/15 – Officers responded to a residence in reference to a domestic disturbance, on arrival the officers located a male and female who had been drinking and admitted to being involved in a physical altercation. Both parties stated that the other had assaulted them and were very uncooperative with the officers, both subjects were arrested and while first responders were treating their injuries the female subject kick the firefighter and the police officer in the face.

01/18/15 – A complainant reported that two male subjects jumped the neighbor’s fence and removed a kayak; the complainant was able to give a description of the subjects and the vehicle. The next day the vehicle was located at the Sta. 26 boat landing and officers watched the vehicle until the subjects returned and placed a kayak matching the description of the one stolen the day before on top of the vehicle. The subjects were stopped and after the owner and witness were summoned to the scene the subjects admitted to taking the kayak. The owner declined to pursue with charges.

01/19/15 – A complainant reported that two ladders were removed from the construction project he was working on and he believed an employee had taken it. The investigator confronted the employee and he admitted that he had taken the ladder; the complainant did not wish to pursue charges if the ladder was returned.

01/26/15 – A complainant reported that someone removed an iPad from his unsecured vehicle while it was parked on Marshall Boulevard.

02/06/15 – A complainant reported that someone removed a watch from her vehicle while it was parked in her yard.

02/06/15 – A complainant reported that someone entered his unsecured vehicle and removed a pistol.

02/08/15 – A complainant reported that his vehicle had been stolen from his yard, but after the complaint was issued the vehicle was found near the residence and the complainant believed some friends had tricked him by moving the vehicle.

02/09/15 – Officers responded to an argument between a mother and son, on arrival it was learned that the female was highly intoxicated and had smashed a wine glass and cut her hand. The female agreed to go to the hospital and the son agreed to leave the house.

02/09/15 – Officers responded to an accident, on arrival the officer learned that a white van had struck a parked vehicle. The officer located the vehicle and the driver, after speaking to the driver it was learned that the driver was intoxicated and advised EMS that she wanted to hurt herself. EMS transported the subject to the hospital and the subject was cited.

02/25/15 – Officers responded to a report of a house fire, on arrival the officer observed the house engulfed in flames and smoke, fire department personnel extinguished the fire, the officer maintained traffic and crowd control.

02/25/15 – A complainant reported that he had received a letter from the IRS stating that his income tax was not completed, the complainant had not file his taxes and when he contacted the IRS realized that someone had attempted to use his identity and file his taxes

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