Dec 23 2015

Sullivan’s Island Police Report: August, September, October 2015


08/04 – A vehicle was stopped for a traffic violation, while conducting the traffic stop it was learned that the driver and passenger were under age and in possession of alcohol and marijuana; both subjects were arrested and lodged in the county jail.

08/04 – A complainant reported that someone entered his residence and removed several items; there was no signs of forced entry and possible subjects that may have keys checked out with alibis.

08/05 – Officers along with SIFD responded to a subject bleeding from the head sitting in a vehicle, on arrival a subject was located with a laceration to his neck. It was learned though investigation that the subject had cut his neck in the attempt to commit suicide. The subject was transported to the hospital for treatment.

08/10 – Officers responded to a verbal dispute between a father and two sons, the dispute was verbal only and all parties were alright.

08/20 – A complainant reported that when she returned home she found a subject inside her residence, the subject exited the house and fled the area, a search of the area resulted in negative results.

08/15 – Isle of Palms Police notified the Sullivan’s Island Police of a possible drunk driver, the vehicle was stopped and it was determined that the driver was intoxicated; the driver was arrested and lodged in the county jail.

08/21 – Officers responded to a dog bite, the victim was transported to the hospital and the owner of the dog information was collected.

08/21 – While on patrol an officer located a church door unsecured, a key holder was unable to be located so the church was provided with extra patrols throughout the night.

08/27 – While on patrol an officer located a vehicle trespassing on private property, while tell the subject about the violation it was learned that the subjects were in possession of marijuana; the subjects were cited and released.

08/29 – Officers responded to Mount Pleasant in reference to a report of a domestic disturbance that occurred on Sullivan’s Island, on arrive the officer learned that a physical assault had occurred at an establishment and then again when the parties were in Mount Pleasant, both subjects were arrested and lodged in county jail.

09/05 – While on patrol an officer observed six juveniles at a construction site, when the officer pulled up four ran off, the one that stayed was a member of the family who owned the residence, and admitted to drinking alcohol, the parents were notified and came to pick up the juveniles. After the juveniles were released a tackle box was found in the area containing drugs and drug items, these items were collect as found property.

09/06 – A complainant reported that he and his wife had been in a physical dispute. Officers located the complainant’s wife who confirmed the dispute, both parties were charged and agreed to separate for the evening.

09/09 – Officers located a vehicle that was in question by the Mount Pleasant Police interference to a suicidal subject, when the Sullivan’s Island officers approached the vehicle the subject was in the bed of the truck with a shotgun pointed under his chin. The officers backed up and notified dispatch, with the assistance of EMS, Mount Pleasant Police and the sheriff’s office the subject was detained and turned over to Mobile Crisis who then committed him for evaluation.

09/11 – A complainant reported that a large amount of jewelry was removed from his residence sometime in the past two months.

09/18 – Officers assisted Mount Pleasant Police in locating a subject involved in a hit and run accident that lives on the island, the subject was located and MPPD issued paperwork.

09/19 – Officers responded to the report of a suicidal subject, on arrival officer spoke to the subject who stated she had taken a number of prescribed medications, the subject was treated by EMS and committed by Mobile Crisis.

09/20 – Officers responded to a report of a dog locked in a vehicle, on arrival the officer located that vehicle and dog, the officer decided to remove the dog from the vehicle for the dog safety, the owner was later located and the owner was cited and the dog released to him.

09/24 – Officers responded to a report of a coyote that had been struck by a vehicle, on arrival the officers located that coyote and it was put out of its misery.

10/01 – Officer received a request to locate a subject threatening suicide while parked on Sullivan’s Island, the vehicle was located with the subject inside, the subject was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

10/04 – Officers responded to a report of a traffic accident, on arrival they located a vehicle which had left the roadway and struck a house, while conducting the investigation it was learned that the driver had been drinking alcohol and was driving at a high rate of speed. The driver was arrested and lodged in the county jail.

10/07 – A vehicle pulling a boat struck several mailboxes, the driver repaired the damaged mailboxes.

10/10 – Officers responded to a boat beached at Station 12, officers found the boat and tried to locate the owner. The owner was located and was found to be intoxicated and unable to operate the boat; a capable operator was located and removed the boat.

10/10 – SIPD officers were requested to assist IOP officers with a dispute between several subjects, SIPD stood by until the IOP officers rectified the situation and cleared the scene.

10/12 – A complainant reported that several televisions were missing from a rental house that they manage.

10/13 – A complainant reported that someone had entered under his residence and removed a chain saw.

10/13 – Officers received a report from a complainant who stated that a family member had called making suicidal threats, the phone was pinged and found to be in North Charleston. North Charleston Police were notified and located the subject.

10/19 – A vehicle was stopped for a traffic violation and while conducting the stop it was learned that the driver was in possession of illegal drugs. The driver was arrested and lodged in the county jail.

10/22 – A complainant reported that he believed his ex-wife had trespassed on his property and wished to place her on Trespass Notice, she was contacted and notified,

10/23 – Officers along with the fire department responded to a missing woman with dementia, a command post was set up and resources from the county were requested. A Nixle alert was broadcast with numerous responses including one reporting that the caller had the subject.

10/29 – A complainant reported that she found a female subject in her house moving items around, when confronted the subject stated she was from the cleaning crew and must have the wrong house and left the area, The complainant noticed some medication and a knife missing.

10/30 – Officers located two subjects trespassing on a dock at a residence under construction. The male subject had a connection to the company conducting the construction but due to the after work hours was advised that he was trespassing. The subjects were released due to inability to contact the home owners.

10/30 – Officers responded to a report of a domestic dispute between a husband and wife. On arrival the officers learned that the husband had assaulted the wife and left the scene, the husband was later found in the business district where he was arrested and lodged in the county jail.

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