Jun 02 2017

Sullivan’s Island Native To Release Innovative Travel App

By Brent Petri for Island Eye News

Landon Sanford, a Charleston resident raised on Sullivan’s Island, is the founder and developer of a new travel application soon to be available for both the iOS and Android operating systems. “Rayka,” referring to the Icelandic word for wander, is a unique service that allows the user explore a new city through a social platform, using the suggestions of either their friends, or the public opinions of other users. The app suggests various restaurants, bars, and nature highlights within your city of interest, all available with user reviews. For further specificity, Rayka also allows the user to sort proposed public suggestions through several demographical characteristics such as age, gender, travel experience, locals only, etc. Better yet, information and content available on the app will increase rapidly as users increase, as it is largely based on user submissions.

Just prior to his graduation from Vanderbilt University, Sanford suffered a devastating knee injury breaking parts of his patella and femur, and as a result was confined to a bed for over six months in order to regrow lost cartilage between two surgeries.

Unfortunately even with the surgeries, he was informed he would be unable to run anymore.

Despite being frustrated with his predicament, Sanford dedicated himself channeling his situation into something positive and productive.

Rayka is sure to be especially appealing for students while abroad, but could be practical for anyone traveling, particularly internationally. Sanford is considerably well traveled, having been to thirty-eight countries to date. As such, peers frequently sought his recommendations for destinations to visit while abroad. Realizing a platform could be developed that would make sharing this information infinitely more convenient, Sanford’s inspiration was born.

Our goal with Rayka has been to create a travel app where friends could share their favorite places to go, all around the world. We hope to tap into this theme of wanderlust by allowing people to explore the world in a better way. We make it more convenient for users to find the best a city has to offer by searching for favorite bars, restaurants, and more, based on the opinions of their friends, or the public.”

Rayka is scheduled for release on iOS by the end of May, and will reach Android devices by the end of the summer. To learn more visit rayka-app.com.

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