Oct 25 2018

Sullivan’s Island Mayor’s Message: October 2018

Dear Island Neighbors,

I hope you are enjoying the fall changes that we enjoy in our special place, which may not include spectacular tree colors, but certainly feature the clearest light we get all year, the marsh grass going golden in that light, and hopefully some cool, dry days.

And as we are in late October, approaching early November, I have a few timely items, also a new offering from the Town for your convenience. For starters, we have two scary events impending: Halloween and an election.


Nightmare on Middle Street: If you don’t often make it down (toward the Fort) Middle St. past Town Hall and the Fire Station, you may be missing our most creative Island Halloween display. The “gingerbread house” at the corner of Middle and Station 20, home of great Islanders (and internationally renowned photographers) Callie Shell and Vince Musi, is every year the site of the most inventive Halloween yard display you will see.

This year’s theme is “Last Dance” and features the Michael Myers character (from the “Halloween” movies) as the DJ. Vince says it is “kind of a riff on a homecoming dance with zombies”. Hmm, I think that’s how I heard my last high school class reunion described by a young server who was working it, but let’s move on.

Don’t miss the chance to check out this display; however, please respect the homeowners and stay on the sidewalk or street.


Of course, Halloween evening is a much-anticipated date when young Wonder Women and Black Panthers will be out and about hustling willing residents for goodies. What fun!

But please remember that it will be much more fun if a few safety precautions are observed by all concerned: trick-or-treaters, their parents, and motorists.

Our Chief of Police, Chris Griffin has this Halloween advice:

  1. Kids and parents should be sure they are visible to motorists. Use clothing, shoes and bags that are reflective, sport some light sticks or flashlights, and stay in groups.
  2. Homeowners participating in trick-or-treat normally leave their front lights on. If they are not participating, they should keep the front lights out. (And please remember, there are any number of reasons why folks may not participate, that have nothing to do with whether they like Halloween.)
  3. Drivers: Please recall that trick-or-treating starts earlier on Oct. 31 than it may have started when you were a kid, and please drive much more slowly and cautiously than you otherwise might. Ask yourself: How much did you worry about oncoming cars when you were a kid trick-or-treating?
  4. Starting at 5 p.m. Halloween (Wednesday, Oct. 31), your fine police officers will again be protecting I’on Ave. on Officers’ Row (between Stations 17 and 18) for free-range trick-or-treating. And the officers will have their own goodies to hand out and a Humvee or two for the kids to clamber aboard.
  5. Please review the other Halloween safety tips at bit.ly/2EvA3WI.


We have no Town positions up on this day (our municipal elections are in May of odd-numbered years), but we have many very important positions up for grabs this election: Governor, Congressional Representative, State House Representative, Charleston County School District board members, etc.

These are all important positions, and each of us should cast a ballot for whomever we like the most or dislike the least.

For Sullivan’s Island, as usual, our polling place is the Sunrise Presbyterian Church at Breach Inlet, open on Tuesday, Nov. 6 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. There is info about required photo ID for voting, as well as info for absentee voting in advance of Election Day if you qualify for that, from the Charleston County Board of Voter Registration at bit.ly/2Otve4C.

 We all should thank Pastor Vance Polley of Sunrise, and his congregation, for their continued generosity and hospitality in providing our polling place.


Our Fire Chief, Anthony Stith reminds us to check our smoke detectors in October and replace the batteries. If you don’t have any smoke detectors, get some! And I advise you to sign on with a monitoring system that will be alerted if your detectors go off when you are away or soundly asleep, so that our great Fire Department can be alerted without you having to do anything. If no one hears your smoke detector alarm, it will not help.


We have recently incorporated SI Mobile 3-1-1 into our Town communications portfolio. If you have requests or questions about your garbage or trash pickup, you can simply go to bit.ly/2AhbSHc and report it. Setting up an account is very easy (I did it on my first try) and your report goes to one of our wonderful non-robot folks right here in Town Hall for their personal attention. They will reply to your request promptly; while this is staffed only during Town Hall business hours, the service allows you to submit your issue online at any time, so you don’t have to remember to call at a later date.

We will soon be expanding the range of issues that you can address via this platform; please stay tuned and check out the Town website.

See you around the island!

 Pat O’Neil, Mayor

843 670 9266


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