Jul 14 2017

Sullivan’s Island First Annual Maritime Expo

By Rick Reed for The Island Eye News

Battery Gadsden Cultural Center is sponsoring the Sullivan’s Island Maritime Expo on Saturday, July 29 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Contemporary and Late Classic Boats will be on display behind the new Sullivan’s Island Town Hall. Restored Simmon’s Sea Skiffs are featured but an array of preserved or restored designs are being assembled to bring people together with a common interest in historic, classic and late classic boats, powered or unpowered.

This first ever Expo will promote fellowship of boat lovers and the sharing of information and experience, and exchange of ideas between the public and those dedicated to boat preservation and restoration. The show will climax a week-long rowboat building camp for kids sponsored by Lowcountry Maritime Society.

Hal Coste and Tripp Brower of the Lowcountry Maritime Society agree, “We are passionate about preserving, restoring and educating kids and the public about classic and vintage boats.”

For more information call Hal Coste at 843.568.4696, or email Rick Reed at fereed@bellsouth.net.

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