Aug 22 2013

School Supply List for SIES

Sullivan's Island Elementary School students are ready for Back to School.

Sullivan’s Island Elementary School students are ready for Back to School.

Have you waited until last minute to make sure your child is ready for the first day back at school? Don’t worry. The Island Eye News has a list of everything your student needs to make sure this school year is the best one yet.

CD Supply List

Nap mat- foam fold-up variety only Pillowcase large enough for mat Scissors 5″ blunt fiskars Elmer’s glue stick .21 oz (10) Elmer’s liquid school glue 7 oz. Crayola markers 8 ct. broad (2 packs) Paper towels (2 rolls)

Tissue box (2) Crayola crayons 24 ct. Expo dry erase markers- 4 ct. (3) Large primary pencils- 2 ct. Disinfecting wipes (2) Gallon Ziploc bags (1 box) Quart Ziploc bags (1 box)


Scissors 5” blunt fiskars Elmer’s Glue Stick .21 oz (20) Markers classic 8 ct. broad washable Crayola (3 packs) Paper Towels (1) Crayons 24 ct. regular crayola (2 packs) Dry Erase Markers- 4 pack (2) Pencils #2 sharpened 12 ct. Boys – Ziploc bag gallon (1 box) Girls – Ziploc bag quart (1 box)

First Grade

#2 Pencils 12 ct (2) Pencil Top Erasers (2) Crayola Crayons 24 ct (2) Markers-Classic 8 ct washable Dry Erase Markers-4 color pack Scissors 5” Blunt tip 4 oz Elmers bottle glue .21 oz Elmers Glue Sticks (6) Spiral 70 pg Notebook 1-inch Clear View Plastic Binder Mead Composition 100 pg Notebook (4) Hand Sanitizer Tissues 110 ct Kleenex (2) Paper Towels (2) Gallon Ziploc bags (girls) Quart Ziploc bags (boys)

Second Grade

Spiral Notebook-yellow- 70 pages Spiral Notebook-blue- 70 pages Spiral Notebook-green-70 pages Folder pocket only (3 pack-red, blue, green) 2 black/white composition notebooks

2 packs of filler paper wide rule 200 pages 2 pack of Pencils-Dixon Oriole sharpened 12 ct. Plastic Art Box 11x7x2.125 5” fiskars scissors Crayola Regular Crayons 48 ct. Crayola Classic Markers 8ct. 6 Elmer’s glue sticks 2 Elmer’s 4 oz. glue Kleenex Tissues 110ct. 2 rolls of paper towels Ziploc bags-quart size 25/box

Third Grade

Reinforced Line Paper (2) Composition books (4) Plastic folder with pockets and center prongs (1-blue, 1-red, 1-yellow, 1-green) #2 Pencil 12 ct. (4) Expo markers 4 ct (2) Crayons 24 ct. Regular Art Box Plastic Small Colored pencils 12 ct. Markers classic 8 ct. Paper Towels (1) Tissue box (2) Glue sticks (6)

Fourth Grade

Loose leaf paper, wide ruled (4) Dry erase markers (4 color pack) #2 Pencils (60) Paper towels (2)

Antibacterial wipes (1) Poly plastic folder with pockets (1-purple, 1-red, 1-green,

1-blue, 1-yellow) Colored pencils or crayons

Markers (8) Kleenex (2) Glue sticks (8) Hand wipes (1) Composition Book (1) Pocket folder of any type/design (2) Single subject notebook (1-blue, 1-green, 1-red, 1-purple)

Fifth Grade

One 2in. Binder Dividers (5tabs) 3 packs filler paper (wide-ruled) 24ct. #2 pencils 1 box Kleenex 1 roll paper towels Pencil pouch (no boxes please) 2 purple folders with pockets (no brads necessary) 1 red folder with pockets (no brads) 1 orange folder (with pockets) 2 yellow folders (with pockets) 1 blue, plastic folder (with pockets) 1 green folder (with pockets) Pack of 4 dry erase markers 7 composition books 1-12 or more pack Crayola Markers 1-24 pack Crayola colored pencils.

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