Jun 12 2013

Rising Country Star Chase Rice Takes The Stage

By Betsey Poore

Chase Rice

Chase Rice

It’s summer in Charleston, which means hoards of locals and tourists alike will flood the shores of Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island.

Some of these beach-goers will inevitably turn on their portable radios to a local country music station. And one of these country radio stations might be playing Chase Rice’s new single “How She Rolls.”

This energetic and perfect-for-summer tune comes off Rice’s 2012 album Dirt Road Communion, which debuted in April at number 48 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums.

Rice, a singer and songwriter from North Carolina, wrote every song on the album except one.

Although Rice didn’t start playing guitar until sophomore year in college, he always loved country music.

I was pretty decent at it, so I just went with it and started writing songs,” Rice said. “People liked what I was writing, so I just kind of went from there.”

And where he went was to the top of the charts.

He co-wrote the song “Cruise,” which is performed by Florida Georgia Line and has sold more than 2.5 million copies to date.

But Rice didn’t become a sensation over night. He knows it takes a lot of hard work and he is willing to work hard to achieve his dreams. He knows there are a lot of people who fail.

I just try to come up with something new and fresh that people like. It’s pretty hard to do,” Rice said.

He has a knack for writing songs people like and can relate to.

It comes from whatever I’m feeling in the moment,” he said.

His inspiration usually stems from his mood.

If I’m happy, I write a party song. If I’m partying, I write a party song. If I’m sad, I write a sad song,” Rice said.

However, he admits writing songs people like is a challenge.

It’s a huge challenge, but one I am willing to take on,” Rice said.

If you show up to the Windjammer on June 27, you better be ready for a party.

Rice will be performing that night at 9 p.m. at the famous Isle of Palms venue and he is looking to have fun.

It’s going to be a party. Live shows are all about one huge party. If people like partying, come on,” Rice said.

And Rice has faith in his Charleston fans.

I have heard great things about Charleston. I look forward to playing there,” Rice said.

Rice has been to Charleston and he remembers having a good time.
“It’s a fun town. I’m looking forward to seeing what it has in store for me.”

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