Mar 22 2017

Republican Party Reorganization Meetings

By Larry Kobrovsky for Island Eye News

“Participation, regardless of your party, is good for everyone.”

The precincts of the Charleston County Republican Party will be holding their Reorganization Meetings throughout the county on Thursday, March 23. So, what is “Reorg” and who cares? In 2016, there was interest around the country regarding how state and national delegates are selected for the Republican Conventions. The answer? All states have a different process for delegate selection.

In South Carolina, it all starts with Republican voter turnout, per precinct, during the Presidential Preference Primary. The Palmetto State’s foundation of GOP delegate selection could not be more grass roots. The higher the voter turnout, the more delegates the precinct earns. The more delegates in a precinct, the more influence a precinct can have in the Republican Party on both the county and state level.

So, if you are a Republican who voted in the Presidential Preference Primary in 2016, you are eligible to be a delegate to the Charleston County Convention on April 20. The focus of the precinct Reorganization Meeting is to elect delegates and officers for the precinct. Sometimes it is as simple as volunteering to fill out a half page form and handing it in at, or before, the precinct’s “Reorg” meeting. There is a nominal fee of $25 to cover the costs of administration and the Charleston County Republican Party Convention.

The Charleston County Convention will be held on April 20th at 7 p.m., in West Ashley. The primary purpose of the Convention, is to elect officers for the next two years and hear an inspirational, and hopefully short, speech from a notable Republican.

So, if you are a Republican and want to play a part in the direction of the SC Republican Party, your precinct Reorganization Meeting is your best opportunity to jump in. Or you may simply be a Republican who would like to be better informed about what is going on and/or get advance notice when political celebrities come to town. (Many county delegates received tickets to the GOP Presidential Primary debate in N. Charleston in 2016.)

Local Reorganization Meeting:

March 23 at 7 p.m.

Sullivan’s Island residents meet at the Town Hall

Isle of Palms 1A meet at the IOP Town Hall

Isle of Palms B and C meet at Morgan Creek Grill

For more information contact Larry Kobrovsky, County Chair, 843.327.2406, or

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