Apr 14 2017

Poe Park Update

Sarah Church

Councilmember Sarah Church, chair of the Sullivan’s Island Town Recreation Committee, recently provided an update on the status of the Poe Park playground and the replacement of aging equipment.

The Park Foundation generously offered to cover the cost of new equipment for the park,” Church says.

They brought the design proposal to Town Council, which was well received by all. Greg Gress, our town’s Manager of Water and Sewer, asked that the Water and Sewer committee review the specific placement because much of the playground area contains underground water lines. The Water and Sewer Committee were joined by two members of the Park Foundation, and it was agreed that equipment could be placed within 5 feet of water and wastewater lines (this is a relief from the usual 10 foot setback) and that a survey would be completed to determine exact location.

At our April 4 meeting, I requested that the Poe Park matter be moved to the Recreation Committee. We will talk with the equipment vendor, and review the survey, to determine if the equipment could shift to accommodate the 5 foot setback, or if we will need to consider further setback relief. Keep an eye on the town website for notice of upcoming meetings. I am aiming to schedule one for late April.

Poe Park has been a wonderful playground for many years and it is our intention of finding a way to ensure it remains a fun, safe place for Island kids for years to come.”

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