Jun 29 2012

Plan for your Pets

Make sure you have a hurricane evacuation plan in place for your pets when you are out of town.

Karen Ward Linker, owner of Island Paws Pet Sitting, reminds pet owners that even if they’re out of town, they should have a hurricane evacuation plan in place for their pets. Pet sitters most likely won’t be able to take your pet with them, so be sure to leave your contact information with them in case you need to return home quickly to retrieve your pets. If you are a long distance away, leave the contact information for a person or shelter where they can be taken in case of an evacuation. Be sure you confirm that your pet can stay with an area pet daycare or shelter before leaving as they fill up quickly. The best option, says Linker, is to have a friend or family member available to take your pets if necessary.

For more information about Island Paws Pet Sitting, visit www.islandpaws.org or call 452-3729.

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