Mar 03 2017

Op-Ed: Church Announces Run For Sullivan’s Island Council

By Sarah Church for Island Eye News

I am thrilled to announce I will be running for re-election for Sullivan’s Island Town Council. My decision came late, so my name will not appear on the ballot. I took the extra time for consideration because I wanted to be certain I could dedicate the time and energy needed to be effective on Town Council. Also, my family was considering travel that would take me out of the area for several months. With a strong sense of civic duty, and an eagerness to continue the work I have begun on Council, I am pleased to announce that we are now staying local for the next four years.

Having grown up on Sullivan’s Island, I’ve seen many changes in our town. As a longtime resident, I understand the vital role our governing body has in shaping those changes. Town Council’s focus on the needs of our residents, along with the protection of our natural landscapes, and a refusal to become a “tourist town” have enabled Sullivan’s Islanders to enjoy an exceptional quality of life. I will continue to support those ordinances that protect our lifestyle, our history, and our natural resources.

In two years on Town Council, I have focused on fostering a sense of community among our residents. As chairperson of the Recreation Committee, I have spearheaded the following initiatives:

Creation of the first ever Sullivan’s Island Farmers Market (second season opening April 6 – don’t miss it).

The continuation of and improvements to our Town’s holiday celebrations including: Independence Day, St. Patrick’s Day in the park, and the Gingerbread House Decorating Party

Ensuring the Island Club is a safe and enjoyable space for community events through recent repairs and the addition of windows (Grand Re-opening this spring).

Addressing the stormwater drainage for the mound – the key to getting the mound at Stith Park in cardboardsliding condition again is getting the stormwater runoff managed. The engineer’s report on how to do this will be ready soon.

In addition to Chairing the Recreation Committee, I am serving on committees for Public Safety, Administration, and Finance. I am also active with our whole council on developing a management plan for the Protected Land. While I have been busy during this time, there is still work to be done:

Continued work on a management plan for the Protected Land.

Continued work on Wastewater Treatment Plant issues.

Continued push to resurface the mound in the park.

Assisting in organizing the clean-up of our parks through a newly formed group of volunteers. Cleanups will take place twice yearly beginning May of this year.

Ongoing improvements to the Farmers Market – It was great, but it can be even better.

If you take that extra few seconds to write-in a vote for “Sarah Church,” I will continue my work for the betterment of our community for the next four years.

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