Apr 20 2017

Op-Ed: Chauncey Clark Announces Run For Sullivans Island Town Council

Chauncey Clark


Simply stated, we are home. For over 21 years now we have had to pinch ourselves on a regular basis to realize that this is not a dream, but a dream come true.


We are blessed with family, friends, and lifestyle. Our two children’s families live in Mt. Pleasant, and we often have five grandkids under foot. A blessing indeed. Our circles of friends revolve around our island community, the church, the Yorktown, Historic Charleston, and of course my work and involvement with the town staff and council.


My experience as a combat veteran helicopter pilot taught me discipline, teamwork and the desire to make every day count. My years as a comptroller with the Tilt Rotor XV-15 program helped me gain the tools necessary to define and purchase a new and much needed fire truck and plan begin planning for the next one. My years managing construction projects helped me work with the team on the construction of the new Town Hall. My years running a management company have helped me to understand budgets, payroll and longrange planning.


The new Town Hall/Police Station is open for business. The Sullivan’s Island Fire and Rescue Department has an ISO Class 1 rating, one of 148 in the US. This should have a positive effect on your fire insurance rates but, more importantly, better protect your home and family. The police now have Tasers with cameras, to help avoid the need for the ultimate weapon. We are now incorporating body cameras. The parking plan evolution of ideas went from paid parking with kiosks, to phone app, then to no charge. The parking plan now provides safe, unimpeded travel for emergency vehicles, with legal DOT approved signage for proper enforcement. We are an island that is involved with, and cares for the environment.

An island resident called me with an idea, and after a meeting or two, The Adopt a Beach Path program exploded. This was resident generated. Many volunteers are actively engaged to make this a better place. Sign up and join the crowd.

Let us as, friends and neighbors, pull together and count our blessings. When you see me on by bike or driving around in my old Model A “Henry,” give me a wave. And on May 2, please give me your vote.

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