May 15 2017

New Pizza Joint Draws Crowds

Photos by Steve Rosamilia

Maddie Schutte, Jack Schaible, Elise Coleman, and Julia Kohlheim at the 450.

The 450 Pizza Joint came from an idea that Mike Monen and William Applegate had while in college at College of Charleston.

They had talked back then about how awesome it would be to have a pizza place in Charleston. Years later, they had the perfect opportunity to open this banging place on the beach.

(l to r) Maya Hyman, Eva Gilbert, Grace Foster, Emily Medich and Tamerra Pollard.

The name was a no-brainer — when in college they needed a way to get around but needed something a little smaller and easier than a car — motorcycle. They found a 450CC motorcycle for $500 for sale on Edisto Beach. They got their cash together, Mike put $450 in one pocket and $50 in his other pocket. They rode out to Edisto Beach and found the most epic-ly airbrushed motorcycle, test-drove it – offered the guy $450 and rode it back to College of Charleston. So 450 Pizza, 450cc motorcycle, $450 bucks – get it?

450 Pizza Joint is located at 2213-B Middle Street. For more information visit

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