Jan 22 2018

Lucky Dog Club: Goose

Age: 8 months

Hometown: Mt Pleasant

Breed: Blue Merle Border Collie

Owner: Emma & Ryan Woodham

Food: Iams

Favorite Treat: Peanut Butter

Vet: Mt Pleasant Animal Hospital

Goose’s Story: In July 2017, my humans found me on Craigslist. They took one look at my spotted nose and knew they had to have me. Three days after they bought me, they found out that I wasn’t supposed to be sold at all! Because they were already so in love with me, though, they fought hard and ended up getting to keep me! We go to lots of different dog parks, but my favorite is the one at the Isle of Palms Rec Center. My humans like to take me on Saturday mornings, and we’ll play fetch till I’m completely worn out. On warmer days, we go to the beach, and I will swim way out into the waves to retrieve my toy! My humans are so glad I love the beach.

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