Sep 22 2018

Letter To The Editor: Zoning Rules Call For Attention

Dear Editor,

            At recent town meetings, Sullivan’s Island residents were given the opportunity to speak concerning commercial parking on residential lots behind Poe’s and adjacent buildings. Most of the residents who spoke live directly behind the area and certainly deserve to be heard. There was talk of a breach of trust in rezoning residential property since changes could impact the residential character of nearby lots.

The residents around Battery Thompson were never given an opportunity to speak about its parking use. The site is also zoned residential. The parking lot is certainly impacting the residential character of the surrounding area. There are many more cars on Ion Avenue in both directions and a huge increase in pedestrian traffic on Middle Street and Ion. Over 2 years ago this issue was brought to Council’s attention but the illegitimate use has only grown and now includes the recycling dumpster shown in the associated picture. Council continues to restrict parking elsewhere which pushes more and more cars into the neighborhood. More cars than ever are also being parked on the Battery Gadsden site, which is also zoned residential.

 No more decisions impacting parking availability should be made until the use of the Battery Thompson site has gone through the planning process. If it’s going to be a parking lot, the zoning needs to be changed and Sullivan’s Island residents need to have the opportunity to speak in open meetings about it. All concerned residents!

Rick Graham

Sullivan’s Island

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