Feb 22 2019

Letter To The Editor: Thanks For Support

All of those on Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms who contributed to Crab Bank Restoration were honored with a check presentation to Coastal Conservation League on Thursday Jan. 24.

 CCL Executive Director Laura Cantral and her staff were on hand to receive a significant donation and thanked all those who identified themselves as Barrier Island Friends of Crab Bank.

Fund raising is not over and all of us will want to assure that what is done with Federal Grant money for DHEC and the Corps of Engineers is not wasted for lack of a sustainability effort. The latter will require essentially separate beach re-nourishment technology to mine local sand to stabilize dredge material. Planting on Crab Bank, dredging to prevent land bridging and open channels and even building of observation sites that won’t adversely impact sea and shorebirds, will require judicious spending of your donations.

This effort will allow new generations of sea and shore birds to replenish the ever-decreasing numbers of these important living balances in our ocean/estuary ecosystems. Donors will be proud that there will be nesting, resting and roosting opportunities now where not possible on our dog and human heavily impacted/beach shore.

Barrier Island Friends of Crab Bank

Mary Alice Monroe, Mary Edna Fraser, Mary Pringle, Josephine Humphreys and Rick Reed

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