Apr 08 2013

Letter To The Editor: Sullivan Islanders Deserve The Right To A Vote

Dear Editor,

The victory in the court two weeks ago was massive, Town Council tried to have the petition for a referendum thrown out claiming it was not valid, obviously the judge did not think so!

The concerned residents of Sullivan’s Island just want to exercise their legal right under S.C. law, see below, it is incredible to me that the Mayor Pro Tem and other members of Town Council seeking elected office are asking us for our vote whilst simultaneously trying to deny us a vote, why would anybody vote for someone who conspires to take away their most basic right to a vote?

The S.C. Supreme Court addressed this exact issue in a 1992 case pertaining to the cross-island expressway on Hilton Head. The Supreme Court addressed the specific issue of who had the authority to determine the validity of properly initiated citizen petitions, ruling as follows: We emphasize that these are findings which can be made pursuant to judicial inquiry only, and that a municipality has no power to pass on the validity of an initiated ordinance.

Town of Hilton Head Island v. Coalition of Expressway Opponents et. al., 415 S.E.2d 801, 806 (S.C. 1992)


James Marianski

Sullivan’s Island

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