Mar 10 2017

Letter To The Editor: Mayor Dick Cronin Should Seek Re-election

Dear Editor

We hope the Mayor announces at an appropriate time of his choosing to seek reelection. The City of Isle of Palms would be well served if the attributes represented by Mayor Dick Cronin would be present in our future elected officials. Our citizens have enjoyed a smart, honest, balanced, mature, dedicated public servant. While accomplishments under his leadership are many, the most significant is the strong financial position of the island.

His knowledge of the city’s finances and work ethic are second to none on the current council; resulting in unprecedented financial security for the city and its residents. One resident recently observed: “We need to ensure we have Dick’s qualities and abilities in the future, anything less would be unacceptable.”

Island residents know and appreciate the importance of fiscal responsibility by our government. During Mayor Cronin’s tenure and under his leadership as our Ways and Means Chairman we have experienced balanced budgets, independently approved audits, improved credit ratings and surplus budgets culminating in substantial savings for the city. This has been accomplished while paying down the debt, which island residents voted for when purchasing the IOP Marina and building the Recreation Center, and managing several beach re-nourishment efforts (one on going). It is clear our economic position has strengthened while improving city services and implementing a much needed and long overdue successful parking management plan.

During an election year anything is likely to be said; don’t believe anyone who suggests that the city’s finances are anything, but outstanding and have improved because of Mayor Cronin’s leadership.


Dr. and Mrs. Rolf Gobien

Dr. Marcus Kruesi

Mary Alice Monroe

Ginny and Dick Bell

Brian and Cindy Moore

Chris Colbert

Mary Pringle

Alan and Bev Barlow

Gail and Rick Pohl

Jake and Mary Willa Smith

Betsy Reidenbach

Tom and Nadja Vandenberg

Harriet and Daulton Keith

Jim and Martha Welborn

Leila Holmes

Mike Blalock

Meghan Bell

Ed and Cheryl Burns

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