Nov 03 2018

Letter To The Editor: Joe Cunningham For Congress

Joe Cunningham meets constituents at Poe’s on Sullivan’s Island.
(Photo by Rob Byko).


As we approach the election of our next Representative to the US Congress, it is important that the candidates understand the job for which they are applying.

During her primary campaign, Ms. Arrington stated in a debate how she sees the role of our next Representative: “Our job is to support our President”.

Actually, no.

Whatever your thoughts about any President, that is just wrong. If you remember your high school civics, there are three independent branches of government. Congress is the legislative branch. It is separate from the executive branch.

As legislators, Representatives to the House are elected by the people in their districts. They are expected to represent their district’s interests in Congress.

They are not there to “support our President”, whoever that might be.

Joe Cunningham understands the job he’s applying for. He gets it that the Congress is our independent and equal branch of government, not a branch office of the White House.

He has also demonstrated throughout this campaign that he has the temperament we want to reflect us in Washington. Calm, honest and unassuming, he has retained his dignity, and we can expect him to reflect ours. Confronted repeatedly with bald-faced lies and unhinged, illogical accusations, he has held his head high and stuck to a positive message…something our nation could use a lot more of right now.

Washington needs to hear from us, not the other way around.

And Joe Cunningham is the one who will deliver our message…in our voice.

Patrick M. O’Neil


Sullivan’s Island

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