Feb 05 2018

Isle Of Palms Mayor’s Message: February 2018

Jimmy Carroll

Hello everyone,

This is my first Mayor’s Column as Mayor of the City of Isle of Palms! I am beyond thrilled and excited to begin this journey along with my fellow council members. We all have the opportunity and great responsibility to work together to improve the quality of life of our residents, always putting residents first. While I was elected as your Mayor, it was the Isle of Palms residents who won and who now have a voice that will be heard! As Mayor, I am one of 9 votes, but the attitude seen and felt all around the island is positive and encouraging. Mayor’s office hours will be every third Thursday of each month from 4– 5 p.m. at my office at City Hall, located at 1207 Palm Blvd. The second one will be on Feb. 22. Stop by to say hi, ask questions or share your concerns with me. If you need to meet or talk to me anytime, please call or text me at 843.452.1200 or email me at jcarroll@iop.net. I want to offer you updates on some of the City’s major projects. The Beach Restoration Project is finally underway. Great Lakes Dredge and Dock, LLC has begun the sand pumping operations. If you are walking near the project area, please use caution and do not approach the heavy machinery. Another project we are excited about is Phase II Drainage at 45th – 52nd Ave. Although this month’s winter storm has caused some delays, the contractor is ready to catch up. This coming spring, the SC Department of Transportation will begin micro-surface work on Palm Blvd. between 21st and 41st Ave. Micro-surfacing consists of the application of a thin, tough layer of asphalt meant to renew the road surface, seal minor cracks and extend the life of the pavement. We all know that we have coyotes on the island.

Since the box traps that the City has been using to trap coyotes have only been successful on one occasion, the City is pricing alternative coyote trapping strategies. Also, the City will host a Coyote Informational Expo at 5:30 p.m., Feb. 22 at the Recreation Center. The SC Department of Natural Resources will be in attendance, as well as representatives from several private trapping companies.

Individual property owners may hire a trapper to trap coyotes on their own property. Residents who are interested in learning what the City is doing to address this problem, and what options property owners have, should mark their calendars and plan to come to this session. One of the Isle of Palms favorites is back this month! Doggie Day at the Rec! will be on Feb. 10 at the Recreation Center. Also, don’t miss the 2018 Special Olympics’ Polar Plunge on Feb. 17 at The Windjammer! I challenge all of Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island council members to join in for a great cause. Lastly, I want to make you aware that I, along with my fellow Councilmembers, strongly oppose offshore oil and gas drilling and exploration, and the legislation to ban a local government’s ability to ban plastic bags. Thanks to our citizens and the support of the prior City Council, the City of Isle of Palms was the first municipality in the state to ban single-use plastic bags to reduce plastic pollution on our beach, and I support the ability for other municipalities to do the same.

Mayor Jimmy Carroll



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