Apr 30 2010

Island actress recognized by Charleston International Film Festival

Rachel Jackson, daughter of Isle of Palms resident Michael Jackson and step-daughter of Rose Dreier, was recently recognized during the Charleston International Film Festival for her film, 3 Things. The film, co-written and co-produced by Jackson, is a visual mix-tape about love which follows two remarkable characters who meet each other at the precise right and wrong moments in their lives. For her performance in the film, Rachel received the award of “Best Actress” given by Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina. The film was also shown at the 2010 Los Angeles Film Festival. To view 3 Things, visit www.3thingsfilm.com.

Rachel Jackson is an actress, writer, and producer extraordinaire. She has studied at Columbia University, William Esper Studio, Beverly Hills Playhouse and the Groundlings. Following her graduation from Columbia, she started two not-for-profit arts organizations: Flow Inc. and Crooked Neck Productions. Crooked Neck has produced many plays both in LA and NY; most notably the NY premiere of Me, My Guitar and Don Henley written by Krista Vernoff of Grey’s Anatomy.

This past year, Rachel has dedicated herself to writing 3 Things and a web series entiteld Yogafornication which focuses on the dark underbelly of the yoga community. In addition to her writing projects, Rachel has recently starred in the film Autodoc and the world premiere of the play At Heart. For more info, check out her website www.rachelgrantjackson.com.

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