Oct 15 2009

IOPNA set to deliver more Gift Bags

Special to the Island Eye

Once again the IOPNA’s New Resident Outreach Program has put together another set of Gift Bags to deliver to another group of new residents.  The bag will contain coupons from both new business donors as well as coupons from existing and/or previous contributors to the Gift Bags from earlier in the year. Pictured here is a new business on the IOP called “The Beach Spa”.

This darling little cottage-like setting definitely has a “come on in and relax” look about it.   The Gift Bag committee is very appreciative of the generous coupon provided by owners Anita and Bill Wilson.  Another new business on the island is “Island Roots Landscaping”.  Owner Daniel Bushong has also provided a generous contribution to these latest Gift Bags.

Participating for the first time is Acme Cantina, owned by Bobby Simmons. Diane Oltorik, New Resident Outreach Program chairperson, is very pleased that Mr. Simmons sought the IOPNA out in order to participate with a generous coupon.  She also acknowledges that two other contributors, Morgan Creek Grill (Carla Pope, Manager) and Huck’s Lowcountry Table (Terri Crowe, Manager, and J.J. Kern, owner) also donated generous coupons and are repeat contributors. East Cooper Habitat for Humanity Restore (Hanna Reed, Restore Manager) is also a contributor for the first time and they are providing a very nice coupon.

“The continued understanding that this program is good publicity for businesses is what allows the Gift Bag to be such a successful way to introduce and encourage our new residents to support our restaurants and retailers on the island,” says Ms. Oltorik.

With this next set of Gift Bags ready to deliver, the total number of Bags delivered so far this year will be thirty-six.  “We have 24 contributors and we are so grateful for the response to this concept.  It is a wonderful way to build a sense of community on our island,” Ms. Oltorik stated.  She hopes this program will continue to foster strong ties between residents and business.  Ms. Oltorik believes that this program, originating last December on a one year trial basis, will be continued indefinitely.

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