Mar 21 2019

Incumbent Mark Howard Runs Again

Mark Howard

As an Island native it has been with a profound sense of pride to be serving a term of office on Town Council. We owe to the Island’s children our best efforts to preserve our Island assets and sense of community for their use. The retention of our unique, single-family oriented community is what sparked my sense of duty to run for re-election. I also feel a sense of responsibility to see the completion of the many construction projects currently planned.

When elected four years ago; seems like yesterday, there was an atmosphere that the Town needed to make more progress on several projects that confronted the Island. There was some frustration with a lack of inertia and some gridlock in making construction headway. It was with some satisfaction that a great deal of advancement has been made in the last four years. Many infrastructure projects are in construction or in various design phases. Examples are a new wastewater treatment plant, the Fire Station Rehabilitation, Stormwater drainage, and Sewer line I&I treatment are in varies stages of completion.

We have been successful in taking some politics and emotions out of the Council’s decision making process along with a good deal more transparency. A new transition zone plan has been passed and awaits implementation and review. The parking plan I spearheaded seems to be operating with some effectiveness. The palms planted on the causeway are taking root and are having the canopy effect I had hoped for when I suggested their planting.

 I am running for re-election for the opportunity to oversee the current planned projects finished with efficiency and oversight. I wish to satisfy my sense of responsibility to complete what we have started with the Island’s future always in mind.

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