Mar 08 2019

Hot Yoga In Mount Pleasant

By Alexandra Lucia for The Island Eye News

Powerflow Yoga is pleased to announce the opening of two new hot yoga studios in Mount Pleasant. PFY originates in New Jersey, where a single studio has blossomed into 10. We are now extending into the Lowcountry with two studios slated to open in Spring 2019.

Powerflow is a unique hot yoga experience. It combines the best features of a wide array of vinyasa, flow-based yoga practices.

Through a mix of purposeful stretching, wholebody flow yoga and mindful internal focus, each student will experience the Powerflow ethos of hot yoga, strong body, calm mind.

The two studios, one on Park West Blvd. across from Publix and one just off the IOP Connector in Sea Side Farms, will feature state of the art heat, changing rooms and multiple showers. Powerflow studios are heated with the safest form of infrared heating to temperatures from 85-99 degrees F.

Exercise comes in many forms and flavors. What elevates Powerflow hot yoga above the norm is its combining strength, sweat, and spirituality. Powerflow Yoga ignites our individual physical transformation. As important, it gives us the opportunity to make a profound connection within ourselves and to take what we learn on the mat and translate it to the rest of our lives off the mat.

Exercising in Powerflow studios becomes a multidimensional experience: on the surface practitioners get the power, the strength, the sweat, the balance and the stretch.

Beneath that, they will find a richer relationship with fellow students, the people in their lives and the world at large. It is Powerflow’s firm belief that each individual is continually seeking that deeper connection. Powerflow brings that awareness to each class.

A mix of 4-6 daily classes per location will allow ample flexibility to incorporate hot and warm yoga into busy schedules. Practitioners will find the community of hot-yoga enthusiasts to be dynamic and supportive in each individual’s journey to that powerful body and peaceful mind. Above all, classes vary and allow the uniqueness of each individual yoga teacher to shine through.

Instructors are not only well-trained but focused on individual needs and desires, not on a rote routine of standard exercises.

For more information about Powerflow Yoga in Mount Pleasant, email or call 843.270.8568

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