Jul 22 2011

Generous donations to refurbish Stith Park tennis courts

Major upgrades will be occurring at Stith Park on Sullivan’s Island. The park will be getting a major face-lift thanks to the park foundation and a special grant from the Baker and Courtney Bishop and the Lucille Thompson Family foundation for $20,000 to go towards the rebuilding of the tennis courts and basketball courts on Sullivan’s Island.

Baker and Courtney told the Island Eye that they and their kids Ryder and Lucy Kohl “love the park and utilize it all the time.” Baker serves on the park foundation board and saw an opportunity to help the community through his family’s foundation. ” When I heard about a kid getting hurt out on the basketball court I approached our foundation and asked if we could step up.” Kaye Smith, SI Park Foundation Co-chair said that the additional $13,000 needed to refurbish the courts and fencing will come from the foundation and its donors.

The following is a list of donors:

Carolyn and Ed Allen, Debby and Steele Alphin, Mark and Jenny Angelino, Bryron and Melinda Bailey, Susan Batten, Rusty Bennett, Lynda Biel,Beth Bjornson and Gary Visser, Katie and Todd Boehly, Paul and Judy Boehm, Caroline Boyd,  Suzan Boyd and Edward Sellers,  Barbara and Robert Bragg, Sue and Norm Brahen, Sondra and Lenny Branch, Diana and Ric Browder, Cindy Brown, Kimberlee T. Brown, M.D., Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Brown, Jack and Cathy Burton, Cammie and Billy Camp, Cara Lynn and Chris Cannon, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Carr, Beth Cavanaugh, Chauncey and Cheryl Clark, Harry and Jennifer Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. J. Stanley Claypoole, III, Stewart and Gay Coleman, Heather and Skipper Condon, Hartley Cooper, Michael and Amy Cox, Katherine and John Crawford, Kristin and Bobby Cummings, Michael and Ellie Daly, Jacquelyn S. Decell, Larry Dodds, Walter FV. Duane, George and Dawn Durst, East Atlantic Plantation, Adrienne and Todd Eischeid, Sid and Susan Evans, Eddie Fava Fredric and Nell Figge, II, Terry and Dennis Fisher, William Fletcher, Elaine and Sam Fowler, Dorothea and Peter Frank, Mary Hull and Sandy Frazier, Ann and Bill Fuller, Jane and Chuck Galis, Glasspro-Heinauer Family Fund, Audrey Glick, Doug Godley, Leonard Goldberg, Ainsley and Jeff Goldstein, Robert Graves, Carolyn and Stan Greenberg, Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Gregorie, III, Brew and Libby, Mr. and Mrs. Keitt Hane, Yusuf Hannan and Lina Obeid, Jeff and Celie Harris, Tommy and Rachel Hart, Gina Hartness, Doug and Kelly Heath, Brent F. Heffron, Bob and Kathy Heller, Mary and Joe Helpern, Susan and Steve Herlong, Thom Hiers, Buddy Howle, Lori Vern and Carl Hubbard, John and Kate Huey, Buddy and Barbara Inabinet, Sharon and Richard Kahn, Jane and Jay Keenan, Wesley Kennedy, Shannon and Robbie Kennemur, Art and Cathy Kepes, Barry Krell and Nicky Bluestein, Paul and Louise Kohlheim, Rosanna and Tig, Krekel Barry and Elaine Krell, Daniel Legare, Ward Lassoe, Edna Lear, Richard and Kathy, Lee Ann Loftin, Mr. and Mrs. Wade Logan, III, Leonard and Anne Long, Alicia and Gary Lovell, Lori Lyles, Suzan and Ed Mabry Taylor Mone, Mr. and Mrs. J Marianski, Lydia and Bill Matthews, Angela and Ian McCarthy, Bridget and John McGillicuddy, Bill and Julie Medich, Sonny Mevers, Susan and Larry Middaugh, Dot and Jamie Moore, Moustafa A. Moustafa and Maggie Shatilla, Jennifer Butler Murray, Mike and Elizabeth Nadal, Meredith Nelson, Mr. Jackie Oree, Raye Ann and Granger Osborne, Pat O’Neil, Millie O’Shaugnessy, Anne and Scott Parker, Hope and Mike Parrott, Alice Paylor, David Pearlman, Caroline and Kevin Pennington, Michael and Linda Perkis, Jan Kylstra, Fred and Joan Pittman, Sandra and Tom Player, Samantha Ploch, Maragret and Everett Presson, The Propes Family, Tam and Mike Psenka, Grace and Rick Reed, Mike and Kim Richardson, Jackie Rion, Leslie Robinson, Isabella and William Rocco, Helen Roderick, Pam Roitzsch, Patti Roskill, Leila D. Ross, Michelle and Eric Rovner, Jamie Brownlee and David Russell, Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Salmons, Jenny Sanford, Peggy Schachte, Anna and Rob Schoderbek, Marsha and Al, Scott Baynes and Lynda Selby, Callie Shell and Vince Musi, Gail and Andrew Shiel, Ruth Silverman, Michelle and Cyrus Sinor, Allison Smith Ann and Bachman Smith, Jeanne Smith, Jen and Tim Smith, Kaye and T. Scott Smith, Susan and Henry Smythe, Cindi and Kerry Solomon, Thomas and Courtney Somers, Barbara and David Spell, Pat and Ken Spicer, David and Caroline Stedman, Barbara and Sheldon Stein, Rhetta and Charles Swicord, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Thoe, Carolyn Thiedke, Clyde and Carlin Timmons, Jason and Kristen Tompkins, Bob and Lela Trussler, Doug Van Scoy, Jenifer and Dale Voeks, Steve and Lynne Vogel, Jena and Chad Walldorf, Tim and Page Walter, Eleanor and Michael Washburn, Mary Jane and Bill Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Williams, Rose-Marie Williams, Mindell and Loren Ziff, Stephen and Suzan Zoukis

Thank you all!

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