Feb 10 2017

Creatives Gathering

By David Tillinghast for Island Eye News

Left to right– Eugene Platt, radio announcer and poet; Dr. James Brueggemann, essayist and poet from Madison, Wisconsin; Dr. David Tillinghast, non-fictionist and poet from Memphis, Tennessee; Dr. Richard Tillinghast, poet and travel writer from Hawaii; Robert Hasselle, potter and sculptor from Rock Hill, South Carolina. (Photo by Susan Stabene)

A collection of 38 poets, musicians, ceramicists, magicians, writers, and sculptors met on an arctic January evening at the Isle of Palms residence of David and Judy Tillinghast to honor David’s brother, Richard, a noted American poet, essayist, and travel writer.

The bracing night air (the bird bath froze) blowing in from the northland was unsuccessful in dispelling the vigor of the soiree. A high-spirited and merry time was had by all.

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