Jun 06 2017

Celebrating May Day

By Susan Smith, Island Eye Staff Writer

Every year, families gather at Sullivan’s Island Elementary School as the school year comes to a close for the school’s annual May Day celebration, which ends with a maypole dance by the graduating fifth-graders.

Sullivan’s Island Elementary School held its annual May Day celebration May 26 with fifth-graders finishing things off by dancing around the maypole. Each grade performed songs orchestrated by music teacher Julie Mathias and PE teacher Abbie Buckheister, and this year’s theme for the production at the school was Music Around the World with an emphasis on the world’s countries and continents.

Fifth-graders Vivian Kipp and Owen Silver dance around the maypole.

Fifth-grader Haley Brahen has a solo during the fifth-graders production of the 1980’s hit song “Africa.”

Longtime SIES dad Loren Ziff receives the new Lighthouse Award for championing efforts to keep and rebuild the school on Sullivan’s Island.

First-graders including Quinn Rodrigues perform “This Train” about the United States.

Fourth-grader Will Virgilio reads his original poem about Antarctica.

Second-graders, including Maren Thiesing perform “Australia’s on the Wallaby.”

Charlie Rice and other fifth-graders tie ribbons around the maypole as they dance.


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