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Jul 19 2018

Wild Horses Couldn’t Keep Me Away

By Carol Antman for The Island Eye News  Snubs, cultural differences and misunderstandings are the backstories of Cumberland Island and St. Marys Georgia. The misguided Seal sisters for example were just waving their handkerchiefs good-bye as the Yankees finally abandoned the occupation of their town. Captain Higginson, the commanding officer, saw it differently. “They’re sending …

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Apr 04 2018

Dancing Through Misadventure In Fort Lauderdale

By Carol Antman for The Island Eye News The morning began with frantic and panic, the top two ways you don’t want to feel when you start a trip. In the interest of marital harmony, I won’t recount the reasons, but suffice it to say that we were running quite late for the early morning …

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Nov 28 2017

Home Sweet Homestay

By Carol Antman for The Island Eye News Apropos of the connectivity of our world today, I booked a home stay with a Quechua family in Ecuador through Airbnb. From my first-world home on Sullivan’s Island, it seemed like a soft adventure for solo travel and a good way to practice speaking Spanish. Especially for …

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Oct 03 2017

Lock It Up

By Carol Antman for The Island Eye News It was a surreal image: our pontoon boat floating 76 feet above the Tail Race Canal on a wall of water held in place by the Pinopolis Dam’s massive metal doors. In the next 20 minutes, six million gallons of water drained to lower us from Lake …

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Sep 05 2017

World-wide Free Tours

By Carol Antman for The Island Eye News I really should have known about this already. On the last day of my month-long trip to Ecuador, I had one day to explore Quito. The sprawling UNESCO World Heritage city confused me. Where to begin? Googling among the many tours and options I stumbled upon Free …

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Jul 05 2017

Eat With A Local

By Carol Antman for The Island Eye News  My best travel memories are the times I’ve connected with locals: tea at an Arab home in Jerusalem, being a houseguest in Peru, joining a camping group in France. Making friends, not just photographs. The burgeoning sharing economy has made these sorts of opportunities as easy as …

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Apr 04 2017

Dominica: The Nature Island

By Carol Antman for Island Eye News For several years, a yellowing magazine clip had lingered in our “dream trip” file tantalizing my husband and me: Take the “ultimate challenge…” hiking to “hot streams of varied colors, sulfur deposits, boiling mud, mini-geysers and fumaroles…” It touted a paradise of 365 rivers, hot springs, waterfalls, tropical …

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Mar 07 2017

Get Lifted At The Savannah Music Festival

By Carol Antman for The Island Eye News  One of the best things about music is that it transcends. It ignores borders, persists through tragedy, unites crowds and reveals souls. It fills our ears with beauty. It shows us other perspectives. The programming at this year’s Savannah Music Festival is an invitation to experience the …

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Feb 03 2017

Artistic Adventures To Spark Up Your Year

By Carol Antman for Island Eye News  Picasso said that “the purpose of art is to wash away the dust of daily life from our souls.” Who couldn’t use more of that? Here are a few perspective altering experiences to get onto your calendar now. Boogie Down Join hands in a circle of positivity at …

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Aug 31 2016

Visiting Two Centuries At Once On Jekyll Island

By Carol Antman for Island Eye News When Vance Hughes and Larry Evans climbed through an unlocked window of the dilapidated Jekyll Island Club in 1983 they were probably looking more for mischief than a life calling, but the seedy grandeur of the hotel captivated them. The neglected hotel estate on a barrier island near …

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