Category: Letters To The Editor and Op-Eds

Mar 24 2017

Letter To The Editor: Good Neighbors

Dear Editor, You know who you are. A couple of weeks ago you came into my yard on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. Not only did you trespass, but you also committed an act of random kindness. You took my recycle bin out of the ditch (which I could not physically do), and put …

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Mar 10 2017

Letter To The Editor: Mayor Dick Cronin Should Seek Re-election

Dear Editor We hope the Mayor announces at an appropriate time of his choosing to seek reelection. The City of Isle of Palms would be well served if the attributes represented by Mayor Dick Cronin would be present in our future elected officials. Our citizens have enjoyed a smart, honest, balanced, mature, dedicated public servant. …

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Mar 03 2017

Op-Ed: Church Announces Run For Sullivan’s Island Council

By Sarah Church for Island Eye News I am thrilled to announce I will be running for re-election for Sullivan’s Island Town Council. My decision came late, so my name will not appear on the ballot. I took the extra time for consideration because I wanted to be certain I could dedicate the time and …

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Feb 09 2017

Letter To The Editor: Transparency In Isle Of Palms Mayoral Race

Dear Editor, In your last issue, Jimmy Carroll announced he would run for mayor next November. One point he seems to make is his desire for more transparency. In the spirit of transparency, I would like clear up his suggestion that he “initiated the city’s opposition to single use plastic bags in local businesses as …

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Jan 14 2017

Letter To The Editor: Addressing Our Council Grinches

Dear Editor, Your Beach Renourishment assessment, levied by the Wild Dunes Community Association is unfair. I doubt that any resident of the IOP is against renourishing our beach but the cost should be shared by every property owner on the Island. Why are the property owners of Wild Dunes singled out for such an expensive …

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Nov 22 2016

History Is All Washed Up

By Sarah Nolan for Island Eye News Kristen Virgilio and her family live a couple of blocks away from the beach access on Sullivan’s Island’s Middle Street, where a curious military oddity has surfaced following Hurricane Matthew. When I met her at Station 30 to look at the site she was happy to show me …

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Oct 28 2016

Letter To The Editor: Kudos To Sullivan’s Island Fire Department

Dear Editor, The Poe Branch Library staff and management of the Charleston County Public Library system would like to thank the Sullivan’s Island Fire and Rescue Department for closing our super-heavy iron doors and shutters and providing an essential barrier of sandbags at our entry doors in preparation for Hurricane Matthew. Your response made all …

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Jun 09 2016

Letter To The Editor: Killing The Golden Goose

Dear Editor, Years ago, “Naval Proceedings” magazine, always found in the wardrooms of US Navy ships, dedicated the last page of each edition to a section entitled “Nobody Asked Me, But…”. It provided an opportunity for those not in the Navy’s leadership hierarchy to comment on problems they felt important, with the hope that the …

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Jun 08 2016

A Letter Of Thanks To The Community

By Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa for Island Eye News On May 8, the quiet early morning hours of Mother’s Day on the Isle of Palms were interrupted by a fierce and fast-moving fire at the Col. Robert R. McCormick Beach Club of The Citadel. A neighbor saw the flames and called, and before we …

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May 18 2016

Letter To The Editor: A Place To Play

I wanted to toss out the idea of building a park for our dogs on Sullivan’s Island. If we could use some of the excreted “Maritime Forest” land that has been taken over by coyotes and made it difficult for our pets to be able to run on the beach it might solve a lot …

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