Category: Letters To The Editor and Op-Eds

Jul 28 2017

Letter To The Editor: McMaster

Dear Editor I would like to know who gave the Isle of Palms Beach Chair Co permission to overnight their equipment in the dunes. I feel a responsibility to protect and wish city government and city council felt the same. On another matter its time to give whoever empties trash barrels another raise because the …

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Jul 14 2017

Letter To The Editor: Conservatives, Moderates Speak Up

Dear Editor, When you see a wrong oppose it. This was a core value we were all taught while growing up at home, in Sunday school, in youth sports and in civic organizations. During a tumultuous Presidential primary campaign my siblings reminded me that “The Donald’s” behavior, language, manners and demeanor were contrary to everything …

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Jun 30 2017

Letter To The Editor: Wallace

Dear Travellers of the IOP Connector, Please help me solve the mystery of who is responsible for the continual removal of memorial flowers and wreaths from the IOP connector. These floral tributes have been placed in memory of my younger brother Phil Wallace by his widow on a dozen separate occasions but have been removed …

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Jun 15 2017

Letter To The Editor: Graham

Dear Editor, I have a commercial lot on Sullivan’s Island which I believe can be helpful in easing some of the congestion problems in the commercial district. My plans include paid general parking if approved. I’m not against the continued success of the commercial establishments. Some council members have run stating an opposition to commercial …

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Apr 18 2017

Op-Ed: Siegling Announces Run For Sullivan’s Island Town Council

Hello Sullivan’s Island, my name is Elizabeth Siegling. I am running for a seat on town council, and I would like to tell you my story. Being a sixth generation Charlestonian, I have deep roots here. My family began with John Zacharias Siegling who came to Charleston in 1819, married Maria Regina Schierle, and opened …

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Apr 12 2017

Letter To The Editor: Langley

Dear Editor, Did you know that you can take out an ad in The Island Eye, fill it with misinformation, inaccuracies, and untruths, not sign your name, and call yourself “Concerned Island Residents”? Could it be that these residents are concerned that the present council is not leaning their way toward clearing the maritime forest …

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Mar 24 2017

Letter To The Editor: Kill The Bill For Good

Dear Editor, I have lived on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina since 1981. In the early 2000’s, I attended graduate school in Santa Barbara, California. When I walked the beach there, I was horrified by the sight of oil rigs in the distance and tar balls that stuck to my feet. I was grateful that no …

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Mar 24 2017

Letter To The Editor: Good Neighbors

Dear Editor, You know who you are. A couple of weeks ago you came into my yard on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. Not only did you trespass, but you also committed an act of random kindness. You took my recycle bin out of the ditch (which I could not physically do), and put …

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Mar 10 2017

Letter To The Editor: Mayor Dick Cronin Should Seek Re-election

Dear Editor We hope the Mayor announces at an appropriate time of his choosing to seek reelection. The City of Isle of Palms would be well served if the attributes represented by Mayor Dick Cronin would be present in our future elected officials. Our citizens have enjoyed a smart, honest, balanced, mature, dedicated public servant. …

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Mar 03 2017

Op-Ed: Church Announces Run For Sullivan’s Island Council

By Sarah Church for Island Eye News I am thrilled to announce I will be running for re-election for Sullivan’s Island Town Council. My decision came late, so my name will not appear on the ballot. I took the extra time for consideration because I wanted to be certain I could dedicate the time and …

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