Aug 01 2017

Be Prepared For Back To School

By Christine Jeanne’ for The Island Eye News

Photos by Steven Rosamilia

August 17 is the first day of school for Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island students. Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island children are a part of the Charleston County School District.

CCSD is the second largest school system in South Carolina representing a unique blend of urban, suburban, and rural schools that span 1,000 square miles of coastal lands.

As a current educator, I know having back to school information can create a smooth transition to a successful school year. Basic back to school information is being aware of which school your child is zoned to attend. Island families (including Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island) are zoned to attend Sullivan’s Island Elementary beginning in Child Development (4 year olds) through fifth grade. Island students are zoned for Moultrie Middle School for sixth through eighth grade, and Wando High School for ninth through twelfth grade. School choice is a huge initiative for Charleston Country School district, meaning parents do have partial magnet school options. More information regarding school choice can be found on the district webpage.

Holly Blair teaches coastal environment in the wet lab at Sullivan’s Island Elementary School.

School can become a point of anxiety for local families. Knowing which resources are most important to begin school can help ease anxiety and begin a fresh new year.

School resources are posted in a variety of places. The most basic place to find back to school resources is via phone. The school district phone number is located at the very bottom of their webpage and easily remembered at 843.937.6300. The district receptionist is very helpful and can direct your call one hundred percent of the time.

On the web, Sullivan’s Island back to school registration and grade supply lists can be found at

As an educator and parent, I find ninety percent of school information on the CCSD webpage, Do not underestimate this next helpful resource for back to school; utilize school Facebook, and Twitter accounts. I searched “Laing Middle School” and found the school Facebook page, I “liked” the page to get updates and found instant information on sign up for Fall sports. Scrolling down on the Facebook page I also found information for rising 7th graders. Reminders included the need for a Tdap booster vaccine and other immunization record requirements.

Using the school Facebook page I learned about Fall sports sign up and immunization requirements all in one place.

If technology is not easily navigated by your family the best way to get back to school information is a school visit.

School summer hours vary but most schools are open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. through 4 p.m. Make a list of your questions and you will be able to ask right then and there.

A great bonus while visiting a school is you can also complete your school registration or address verification forms all at the same visit. Address verification has become a very precise procedure. This is one of the biggest changes I have seen as an administrator. Families now need a notarized address affidavit, one bill that matches that address affidavit, and a lease or mortgage statement that matches that same address. This is a necessary form completion that you as a parent will complete each year your child attends school.

Having your back to school information organized for August 17 will decrease back to school anxiety. Be thinking about school supplies, after school plans, Durham bus transportation, fact and fee school events, joining PTO or PTA, and building a relationship with your child’s new teacher. Make your list and please utilize technology, or a school visit to have all your back to school questions answered. Have a great school year, Island families.

For more info visit or call 843.937.6300.

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