May 01 2013

Ad-Editorial: Make the Most of Your Vacation

Special to the Island Eye News

We spend all winter dreaming of the beach, RiverDogs games at The Joe, and burgers on the back porch. We countdown the days until summer as we sit in our offices or bundle our kids up for school. But what does your vacation really look like? Do you spend your first day on the beach relaxing with your family or do you spend that first day cleaning the months worth of Charleston pollen off your porch? Do you drop your bags and fall into clean, freshly washed sheets or are they three months old? Is your fridge full of your favorites and your pantry stocked or do you have an immediate trip to the grocery store? And what if you come home to a disaster from a storm three weeks ago? These are the unavoidable struggles with having a vacation home. Or are they unavoidable?

At Nautilus, a company who specializes in home management, home renovations and custom home building, we have clients who are tired of dealing with “work” on their vacation.

Through our home maintenance programs we aim to maximize both your vacation time and your peace of mind while you’re away. Our professional staff will plan, schedule, implement, and document all preventative maintenance activities on your house, maximizing the value of your investment. Based on your criteria, we will prep the house for your arrival, and secure it after you leave. We also perform regular inspections while you are away to make sure the house is safe, secure, and all systems are functioning properly. We even run by after every storm to make sure you won’t come home to a house full of water damage. While Nautilus is certainly not the only company to offer programs like this we are unique in the fact that we are also custom home builders. Any company might be able to see a growing crack or stain and see a problem but we identify possible sources of the issue, anticipate associated damages and begin the steps to quickly and efficiently fix the issue. We also know that not all issues are visible simply walking through the house; we check crawl spaces, attics and other areas that most often get neglected. While you’re away, your home is safe and monitored. When you come back it’s welcoming and ready. A second home should be a peaceful escape for you and your family, not another hassle in your already full ‘to-do’ list.

Bring the enjoyment back into your vacation and eliminate the worry while you’re away. Allow Nautilus to make your home a better place to live. For more information, call 866-936-8551.

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